Anabolic steroid synthol

Synthol (Pump-n-Pose) is a non-anabolic drug used to locally increase muscle volume and give it an ideal shape. The drug was developed by the German chemist Chris Clark in the 1990s. It is especially common in professional sports before competitions. The name “synthol” occurs by analogy with the nuclear fusion reaction, but this name was already patented, so later the synthol began to be sold under the Pump-N-Pose brand (“pump and pose”). Original Synthol is officially positioned as an oil for posing with the word “site enhancement oil” for unhindered distribution.


Synthol is an intermuscular fatty acid that bodybuilders are now using to give increased size in small muscle groups.  It is actually a synthetic oil that is injected right in to the muscles.   The way that this product works is that it becomes encapsulated between the fasicles (bundles of muscle fibers).  Upon repeated injections, a huge bolus of the oil accumulates, adding volume to the injected muscle.     Side Effects

As far as side effects are concerned, injecting any significant amount of fatty-acid material intramuscularly can be extremely dangerous. When you jab a syringe into a muscle without any knowledge or regard to nerve distribution, you may hit a nerve and possibly cause permanent paralysis of groups of muscle fibers within that area. And besides the increased possibility of developing abscesses, there is also the possibility you might inject the fat into a vein or artery and cause serious tissue damage downstream. If this stuff is accidentally injected into a vein or artery, it could be transported into the lungs, possibly causing a "pulmonary embolism" or perhaps even into the brain, causing a "cardioembolic stroke." It's also known that injecting fatty acids into the system can lead to a condition where blood clots can develop, resulting in coronaries and strokes." The bottom line is it really is not worth the dangers, pain or cost to use. 
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Anabolic steroid synthol

anabolic steroid synthol


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