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My pediatrician says special diets/biomed is dangerous. What should I do?
Read about biomed with an open mind, talk to other parents about their viewpoints and then listen to your gut. Most of the research into autism has occurred in the last 10 years – mainstream medicine is just now beginning to sit up and notice. Mostly likely your pediatrician still believes that autism is strictly a neurological disorder. Share your information with your pediatrician, if you would like to pursue biomed and your pediatrician disagrees, you can either agree to disagree or shop around for another pediatrician who is more willing to listen to your thoughts/concerns with an open mind.

Metabolic disease is a very large area of medical need and is another area in which we focus our drug discovery and development efforts. Our approach is to develop antisense drugs that doctors can add to existing therapies to treat diabetes. One hurdle for traditional drug development is that most traditional drugs cannot selectively target a disease-causing protein without also affecting closely related proteins, which often results in unwanted side effects. We design our antisense drugs to target the gene responsible for producing the disease-causing protein while avoiding unwanted effects on closely related proteins, thereby reducing the risk of side effects.

Biomed pharmaceuticals steroids

biomed pharmaceuticals steroids


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