Comparative steroid potencies

Serious pulmonary conditions (., atelectasis , acute respiratory distress syndrome) have been reported in women treated with gonadotropins. In addition, thrombo-embolic events both in association with, and separate from, the Ovarian Hyperstimu-lation Syndrome have been reported following gonadotropin therapy. Intravascular thrombosis, which may originate in venous or arterial vessels, can result in reduced blood flow to vital organs or the extremities. Sequelae of such events have included venous thrombophlebitis , pulmonary embolism , pulmonary infarction, cerebral vascular occlusion ( stroke ), and arterial occlusion resulting in loss of limb. In rare cases, pulmonary complications and/or thromboembolic events have resulted in death.

Clinical reviews provide a clear, up to date account of the topic aimed at non specialist hospital doctors , general practitioners, and candidates for postgraduate examinations. The review should include a broad update of recent developments and their likely clinical applications in primary and secondary care. the clinical reviewes are a clear picture of the disease which has started originating or is on the verge of originating into the body of an individual. through clinical reviewes it becomes easy to treat a particular disease into an individual.

Comparative steroid potencies

comparative steroid potencies


comparative steroid potenciescomparative steroid potenciescomparative steroid potenciescomparative steroid potenciescomparative steroid potencies