E-stane anabolic stack

It does not aromatize, however it is possible that methylepitiostanol may offset estrogen and testosterone from SHBG thus increase the risk of gyno for certain individuals with high SHBG levels. Gyno symptoms from this compound may also be a result of this compounds inability to form a potent androgen such as DHT (to antagonize the effects of estrogen). However, in other cases methylepitiostanol can be used to prevent or reduce gynecomastia from an estrogenic steroid by acting as an aromatase inhibitor to keep estrogen down.
It is a DHT derivative with a fairly moderate androgenic value so the chances of hair loss may be increased in certain sensitive users. Swelling of the prostate may also become an issue. The powerful estrogen suppressing action of this steroid and its 17aa stucture will cause it to negatively influence the cholesterol profile by lowering HDL and increasing LDL. It has also been reported to cause stiff joints, possibly related to its suppressive effect on estrogen levels.

We’ve stacked these products for the following reasons:
– Increase Lean Muscle Mass
– Reduce Body Fat
– Promotes Increased Strength
– Helps Reduce Water Retention
– Supports Increased Muscle Hardness
– Helps Increase Muscle Definition
– Blocks and reduces Estrogen in the body (AI)
– Eliminates the chances of developing gyno
– Can help give you a leaner, drier look
– Increases sex drive
– Increase Muscle Growth
– Improve Muscle Recovery
– Increase Protein Synthesis
– Reduce Muscle Fatigue
– Increase Blood Flow
– Increase Muscle Pumps
– Inhibit Protein Catabolism
– Increase Vascularity

H K Tech Pharma Labs Superdrol 350 is the strongest and most potent prohormone compound on the market today as you can tell from user reviews. This is a hybrid of Anadrol and Methyl DHT. It is both an amazing and unique prohormone because it is considered a dry compound as opposed to a wet gainer. This means, it will not convert to any estrogen metabolites, but will retain a lot of water inside the muscle cell itself. This results in very hard and dense muscular gains as opposed to a bloated look, while giving the user an immediate leaning out effect. Users commonly report impressive gains of 10 to 20 lbs. along with crazy strength during their typical 4 to 5 week cycle.

E-stane anabolic stack

e-stane anabolic stack