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Synonymies in List :
[JOS –>] = junior objective synonym of the indicated genus, whose name is to be used in preference; genera are objective synonyms if their type species are based on the same type specimen (this often happens when a replacement name is proposed for a preoccupied name that turns out not to need one); the genus whose name was published first is the senior synonym , the other genus is the junior synonym ; the senior synonym becomes the scientific name of the genus unless it has been formally rejected or is otherwise unavailable
[JSS –>] = junior subjective synonym of the indicated genus; genera are subjective synonyms if the type species of one genus has been referred to the other genus or synonymized with a species in the other genus
[PSS –>] = possible subjective synonym of the indicated genus, either junior or senior; usually used here with nomen dubium designation to indicate a better-established genus to which the doubtful genus might be referred
[SSS –>] = suppressed senior synonym : a subjective senior synonym that has been rejected by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature in favor of the indicated junior synonym

Note : Different workers have different judgments concerning subjective synonymies and nomina dubia . This List provides the compiler’s present judgment , based on the current literature. Subjective synonymies and nomina dubia designations in this List can and will change from time to time as information from new studies is incorporated. This List is sparing in declaring a name a nomen dubium ; others may consider more names to be nomina dubia than this List does.

Generic names appearing in bold italics in this List that remain with no annotations (except perhaps a vide or a PSS) are to be considered unequivocally valid dinosaur names. The synonymies were added as of June 9, 2001, and they have been tuned until they are fully consistent with the compiler’s current publications. On October 14, 2003, when the genera total was 1012 and the visitor count stood at 16,944, the Generic Name Counts table was added to the front end of this document. The generic names are sorted into seven different categories of validity and counted, and the counts are totaled by initial letter and by category. Each name is placed into exactly one category. Vernacular names are either nomina nuda or dissertation names. Genera not presently considered to be dinosaurs (that is, those flagged with asterisks in their listings), are sorted into their own category and are not further subdivided. The genera total for the entire Dinosaur Genera List appears in the bottom right cell of the table.

Lucas nascimento stanozolol

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