Mono steroids side effects

Clostebol, or Megagrisevit Mono, is often called Steranabol. However, Steranabol is no longer made and anything found by the name of Steranabol should be construed as a fake. Structurally, Clostebol is testosterone with a chloro-group added at the 4-position. Clostebol is a very unique compound in its simplicity. By altering the structure on top of the 4-position you get the benefits of a non-aromatizing steroid as well as a non-alpha-5 reducing steroid. The benefits of being unable to alpha-5 reduce testosterone to DHT spares the skin of acne problems and the scalp of further hairloss.

Overall we can say that while this compound can provide benefit to many cycles, it’s effect is clearly too weak to warrant using it alone. This however will be a moot point for most readers, as Megagrisevit-Mono is not even common on the European black market (it is likewise extremely rare in the US). On the off instance it is located one could assume it to be real, as no counterfeits are currently known to exist. With the low demand of this compound it is doubtful that an underground organization would want to invest in duplicating it.

Mono steroids side effects

mono steroids side effects


mono steroids side effectsmono steroids side effectsmono steroids side effectsmono steroids side effectsmono steroids side effects