Rebuilding immune system after steroids

Medicinal mushrooms need to be heated in water to break down the outer chitin shell. This releases the polysaccharides that are not otherwise bio-available to our digestive system in their fresh or dried state. Alcohol solutions are also used which work to specifically extract the triterpenes. For these reasons double extraction methods, using both hot water and alcohol, are commonly employed.

You can use the dried mushroom slices, pieces or powder alone or with other Chinese or Ayurvedic herbs and create your own tonic herbal formulations specific to your unique health goals. Whole mushrooms can be ground up in a Vitamix or other high speed blender for quality freshness and used in tea decoctions.  (For a recipe using reishi see our Energy Tonic Tea )

Reishi is a bitter woody tasting mushroom with a slightly sweet flavor. Powdered extracts can be mixed into hot water or teas and sweetened to create a bittersweet coffee-like drink. These powders can also be blended into tonic elixirs, shakes and even desserts, like our chocolate cake recipe. Hot water extracts also come in capsule form for convenience.

Cow's milk is often touted on television as the "perfect food." It is supposedly needed by everyone. "If you don't drink milk, your bones will become brittle from osteoporosis" is the message from the Dairy Council, advertisers, and even some physicians. Yet, store bought cow's milk consumption has been shown to contribute to many of the health problems commonly encountered. Excessive consumption of cow's milk is often one of the major factors contributing to susceptibility to common infections. However, raw, unprocessed milk from clean cows raised in a wholesome environment is another story. The manner in which milk is commercailly produced and processed has much to do with its reputation for causing health problems. If we all hadThe

Rebuilding immune system after steroids

rebuilding immune system after steroids


rebuilding immune system after steroidsrebuilding immune system after steroidsrebuilding immune system after steroidsrebuilding immune system after steroidsrebuilding immune system after steroids