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“Right out of the box, the Silver Reference I/C made its impact felt. They were ultra quiet and let the music flow easily. Note after note poured forth with absolute clarity. Every detail was heard in proper perspective although at the cost of being slightly analytical. Nice height and depth with intense focus and imaging though perhaps not pinpoint accuracy. There’s no roll-off of treble here! I simply dislike a rolled-off treble. During performing arts seasons, I attend many concerts. I did not hear rolled-off treble there so why should I put up with less? The interconnects did not take long to “initially” burn-in. At the 40-hours mark, they became more even and stayed on this plateau for a 40-hours period. Then suddenly, their sonic characters thinned out a bit (almost lifeless) for another 40 hours or less. This took me by surprise. Luckily, they turn a corner at approximately the 120-hours mark and remained in this “true” state since. Once thoroughly burned-in, their slightly analytical character went away to reveal an alluring and involving character. Depth increased (almost doubled) along with width that went beyond the speakers and walls.

Wait what? Seriously? How ironic for you to be saying she has no credit to be talking about skincare because she doesn’t shower everyday, considering that #1. showering everyday is actually unnecessary because it usually (depending on the products you use) strips your skin of natural oils, #2. not showering everyday is not fucking “unhygienic” or “yucky,” but good job buying into the misleading beliefs made by skincare/hygiene companies (you must be one of those people who also thinks its a good thing if your skin feels super tight after cleansing…poor thing). And #3 what the hell does being a woman have to do with anything? “You’re a woman so you have to be prim and proper and smell like a delicate rose” are you from the fucking 19th century? Get that shit out of here. Just yuck. *micdrop*

Red dragon labs steroids

red dragon labs steroids


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