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hi. i am seeking info about a cyst on my eyeball. the eye doctor called it a conjunctival cyst, but it not like any photos i have seen so far. it is actually on the white of the eyeball, not in the eyelid. the doctor described it as a balloon of cells attached to the eyeball, with fluid in it. while it does not hurt, per se, it is annoying, like constantly having a grain of sand in your eye. anyway, the doctor basically patted me on the head and shoved me out the door, saying to come back in a month to check on it again. he said my options were: 1. do nothing but eyedrops and live with it. 2. lance the cyst sac, let it drain, and hope it dries up and falls off. 3. numb my eyeball, surgically cut off the cyst sac, and hope it does not grow back. so, has antone had such a cyst? how did you deal with it? what was the outcome? any feedback would be appreciated. thank you

Both doctors agree that because there are many different steroid creams available (and seven different categories of steroids), it's critical to visit a board-certified dermatologist instead of a primary care physician. "If a person uses too much of a steroid cream or one that's too strong for their skin, there can be complications," says Dr. Rand. "General doctors may not be aware of the specific strengths and recommendations for these products. I've also heard from patients that their pharmacists made a decision to give them a different cream based on price, and this is also a concern. Most likely, the pharmacists also aren't aware of the specifics regarding these creams. However, when used appropriately, steroid creams can be a total game changer and even help save people’s lives."

Steroid freak photos

steroid freak photos


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