Steroid testical shrinkage

If you or someone you know has experienced these genital symptoms, I have found the cure!
Symmetrical redness on scrotum, tingling/itching feeling, random testicle pain, hair follicles on scrotum are raised, scrotum droopier than normal.
I dealt with these symptoms for over six months after traveling to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize. When I got back and saw a dermatologist he said it DEFNITELY was not herpes (no boils or sores) and he misdiagnosed it as contact dermatitis. He prescribed me steroid cream that did more harm than good. Finally, after scouring the internet I found a testimony very similar to mine.
After trying everything from dipping my balls in vinegar to assaulting my nuts with baby powder I finally used the dandruff shampoo Nizoral. After washing my genitals once, a day with Nizoral the symptoms finally started receding! My testicles FINALLY returned to normal skin color instead of a fiery red color. This pesky rash caused me an enormous amount of stress and I am relieved to say I finally found this treatment that works! If you have experienced these symptoms, please try Nizoral dandruff shampoo and spread the word!! (I saw two doctors who had NO IDEA what it was or what to do. Self-treatment for the win! This condition seems to be unrecognized by most doctors. Once you try this treatment and see that it works please spread the word around the internet. People deserve access to this useful information.)

Hello Nancy,
I cannot express my heartbreak for you and the loss of your precious daughter. I have 2 and a granddaughter. They are my life as well as my wife. I can’t help but feel a negligence on the part of the medical staff, in my opinion. Your daughter was off the opiates for awhile making her ‘opiate naive’. That amount of medication,dosage,etc. would definitely kill someone especially if there’s no home are staff or med staff around to monitor the situation.
Please accept my deepest and sincerest of sympathies and if you don’t mind, I’ll keep you in my prayers.

Steroid testical shrinkage

steroid testical shrinkage


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