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are u kidding me? this was what all the fuss was over… it was funny and i love family guy but come on… i saw nothing in this episode that was offencive enough to not air on network and recieved the lable “banned”… all the back alley abortion jokes and what not… i mean come on realy…. people chill the F@&k out…. there is way more important shtuff to whine about…. i do not condone abortion but i can choose to watch this or not on my own… im an adult with a choice of what i watch… Banned? no… a disclaimer maybe but seriously…. chill

Seth MacFarlane has gathered a diverse cast of Hollywood actors to voice the Griffin family and their neighbors. In addition to providing multiple voices himself, MacFarlane recruited veteran actors Seth Green, Mila Kunis, Patrick Warburton and Adam West to contribute to the cast. The show uses a wide variety of techniques to keep the viewer entertained. MacFarlane frequently employs original songs in the show in addition to the comic flashbacks and unusual situations. These methods have been widely praised by critics for the show remaining fresh and unpredictable. The end result is a show which finds humor in television, pop culture and every day life.

Stewie steroids brian stairs

stewie steroids brian stairs


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