Will my balls shrink on steroids

I always attempted to put the cloves into some sort of "artistic" patterns. An easy way of doing this was to hold a coin against the orange and arrange toothpicks around it evenly. Often, I wouldn't take out many of the toothpicks until I wanted to stick in a bunch of cloves (the heads are rather brittle so having a lot of them allows you to apply pressure more evenly and they tend to remain whole.) On the other hand, an orange that had a lot of toothpicks in it looked like a rather bizarre porcupine - I've got some interesting photographs of those. Other than coins, I would just take a sort of random walk with the toothpicks, making a curvy pattern that would sometimes bifurcate and so forth.

My Mom once put hers in a closet - this is a Big No-No . As noted elsewhere, basically the orange desiccates through the cloves and the cloves tend to keep the orange from rotting. However, in a closet there was effectively too much humidity and it molded - she was not happy about that. On the other hand, windowsills are great places to leave them - some of the ones I've given people at least 14 years ago are still intact (although they have only a faint pleasant odor now).

Thank you for this article. We are a very ‘green/natural/organic’ conscious family and the one thing that we were still using that wasn’t green and that was really bothering me not being able to find a less wasteful and more natural replacement was dryer sheets. I had almost purchased organic wool dryer balls off of Amazon when I came across this article. I’m not at all crafty and wasn’t sure I could pull this off but withmy husbands help, we now have 6 balls (albeit of varying sizes) going through their 3rd wash-dry cycle to felt. I am so excited to try them out with essential oils because I love it when clothes come out smelling fragrant. I am also super excited about not having to buy (and throw away) so many dryer sheets. I hope the balls work as good as I am hoping for at reducing drying time and static and all those tiny wool fibers floating around my living room because of rolling the yarn into balls is all worth it in the end.
Thank you once again.

Will my balls shrink on steroids

will my balls shrink on steroids


will my balls shrink on steroidswill my balls shrink on steroidswill my balls shrink on steroidswill my balls shrink on steroidswill my balls shrink on steroids