Wind strong steroids

Magnets that get too near each other can strike each other with enough force to chip and shatter the brittle material, and the flying chips can cause various injuries, especially eye injuries . There have even been cases where young children who have swallowed several magnets have had sections of the digestive tract pinched between two magnets, causing injury or death. [22] The stronger magnetic fields can be hazardous to mechanical and electronic devices, as they can erase magnetic media such as floppy disks and credit cards, and magnetize watches and the shadow masks of CRT type monitors at a greater distance than other types of magnet.

If you can abide by these simple rules; and you absolutely can, your anabolic steroid experience will be safer, more efficient and far more effective. However, many of you will ignore this list; there’s some king of the boards you listen to on your favorite message board that never runs test, buys his gear from and he sounds smart so you’ll listen to him. Unfortunately this is reality, some of you are that dumb; if you are then you’ve more than likely stopped reading long ago. For the rest of you, good luck, we hope this will help you.

Wind strong steroids

wind strong steroids


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